How to make Polymer clay Figure DIY-The Ironman


IronMan 為美國Super hero之一,電影很好看,

第一第二我都有看啊,做了紅色的基本型,希望大家喜歡 : )

Iron Man DIY Figure
Iron man the super hero! We can use polymer clay to make

it ourselves, here is the photo for your reference, if you also want

to create one, please refer to the other post,

I had step by step tell you how to do it!


,而且還有2號機war machine,兩者我比較愛基本紅色版

,大家都做來試試啊 ^00^

Ironman_Figure 鋼鐵奇俠 上身圖

Ironman_Figure 鋼鐵奇俠 全身圖

Ironman_Figure 鋼鐵奇俠 正面圖

Ironman_Figure 鋼鐵奇俠 側面圖



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