How to diy a MCMUG PIG with Light weight clay

mcmug light clay diy step by step

you want  to know use light weight clay to make a mcmug pig method? you need to go clayus!


In Hong Kong Cartoon mcmug is a very famous cartoon,

You can make a gift with clay to your friend or love.

It is colorful and cute, Try it! any problemcan email me la : )


Step1 : Make hand with pink clay(mixed with white and red.)

Advise make two head together1

Step2: Use your favour color to make cap2 (advise two difference colr)

Step3 : Add detail to the face, Add pink body and attach together with head.

Step4 : Add hands, legs and tail to body!

Finish with easy!



Step and photo present by Clayus Sum 2014


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